Jikan no Nami Series
Jikan no Nami:
Legends of Hykari
Jikan no Nami II: Sword of Hykari
Jikan no Nami:
Legends of Hykari
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Written by NovaChief, MegaThunderMaster
Illustrated by TBA
Colors by TBA
Cover by TBA
Letters by TBA
Publisher TBA
Publish Date December 2023
Pages TBA
Dimensions TBA
Genre TBA
Number 1

Jikan no Nami: Legends of Hykari (時間の波:ひかりの伝説,   Jikan no Nami: Hikari no Densetsu?) is an upcoming novel by MegaThunderMaster and NovaChief that is set to be the first entry of the Jikan no Nami Series. It is set to be published on December 2023.


The novel began its concept stages on October 11, 2018. The first draft of the novel's first chapter started development on December 1st, 2018 but was ultimately scraped. The final version of the novel started development on June 9, 2019. On March 29, 2020, the novel's release was delayed from 2021 to 2023 along with the novel's first two chapters partially being rewritten.


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  1. A Rough Living
  2. Sought and Caught
  3. A Sign of Hope
  4. Divided Cities
  5. Tropical Isolation
  6. Jongo’s Jungle
  7. Forest of the Enchanted Vixies
  8. The Eerie Steeple
  9. Redirection
  10. Desert of the Ancients
  11. The Acrogon Coliseum
  12. Battle of the Titans
  13. Korvite Caverns
  14. Lights of the Arctic
  15. The Frozen Time Mountain
  16. The Time Wave
  17. Strange Lands
  18. The Battle Tower
  19. Somewhere in Time
  20. The Overture





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